I have been making beaded jewellery for over 20 years as a hobby and sold items at school fairs, Carnivals, and to my colleagues at work with really lovely feedback for my work and the commissioning of more.

Over time my passion evolved into the Afroclectic bead buffet which provides an opportunity for people to create their own unique pieces of beaded jewellery.
Jewellery making is my "me" time ideas often come in my sleep or at my desk, at work and even a train journey can inspire the need to get my tools out!
I work full time and have a growing family so finding the time to make jewellery can be a challenge.
There is no "wrong way" in making beaded jewellery just imagination and creativity. (I have been knowing to make rings out of paperclips whilst at work!!)

The birth of my first grandchild inspired me to find an illustrator turn stories I had written for my children into books with the amazing talents of Leanne Armstrong I have seen my first book 'Adjoa goes to Nursery' to become a reality and look forward to turning the rest of my stories into books.