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The Adventures of Adjoa Fordjour is a delightful compilation of three Adjoa books. Perfect for children aged 3-10 years, this series follows the exciting adventures of a 3-year-old from South London who embraces her Ghanaian heritage, including Asante Day names and Adinkra symbols. This book features black and diverse characters, celebrating family, making new friends, and experiencing new things. With charming characters and engaging stories, your child will love every page of Adjoa's adventures.


The Adventures of Adjoa Fordjour is a compilation of her adventures so far and includes 

Adjoa Goes To Nursery

Adjoa's Paddling Pool 

Adjoa's New Arrival


This book is available as a paperback and includes  a new edition  in Adjoa Goes to Nursery as well as some additional activities




Adventures of Adjoa Fordjour

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